Thursday, July 26, 2012

love, therapy, cliche (foreword)

This is the plan--I will write something long related to therapy, related to me, but not necessarily only about me. I get writing materials from my personal experience, of course, but I'll fib, like I always do, to make it interesting for me.  As a way to dream, because I think there is a permeability between fiction and possibilities.  Just don't ask me what's true or what's real, because everything in it happened, even if it wasn't true, because the line between the real and the fictitious is porous, definitely porous.

The inspiration came from my own therapy sessions, my therapist, and from Eve Sedgewick's "Dialogue on love."  I wanted to incorporate my therapist's notes during our sessions like Sedgewick does as well.  I told my theapist about it, and he was going to give me copies of his notes.  But something happened, and I ended my sessions much too quickly and awkwardly for me to get them.  But more on that later. 

In any case, here's hoping this will run its course completely and not haphazardly.

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