Monday, June 13, 2016

I put myself

-for R.

I put myself there with you,
between pauses on still surface, 
where sky and water hold each other.

I put myself there in the mornings
on that bed where you lie,
where I pressed our bodies close
until we couldn't tell which is sky and which is water.
You kissed me and looked outside--
morning seems pale, you said, 
as if it hadn't seen much sleep.
Lucky morning, I said.

I want to smell the sweet late night whiskey on your breath,

taste your face,
like the sun rising from between my legs,
your nose and lips wet in the glistening of my dew.

I put myself in that house, naked 
by the door-windows,
their parted curtains open
to a carpet of bruised camellias. 

I put myself on that balcony reaching towards the dogwood tree.

In the spring it will bloom 
pink curvy blossoms 
for us to kiss. 

I put myself by that garden gate,

on that stone path to that bougainvillea vine. 

I want to fuck by that bougainvillea vine.
So I put myself on a bed of translucent petals,
crawling to gather them in, because I love them,
and you, in all my naked beauty, could not resist.
I won't let you resist.

I put myself with your body-

your eyes, your lips, your fingers-
my body in your body- 
my eyes in your eyes my lips on your lips my fingers
where your fingers have been my mouth my face my pussy your cock - 
I put myself in that emptiness without you, 
my darling.