Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ltr from a teacher

Email from my clinical instructor, a midwife who's working on her ph.d.  This is the first for me; I've never had an instructor who felt compelled to write her students such parting words.  I love her so much, I want to be her maid:

I want to take this opportunity to say thank you for being great students and great people! I very much enjoyed sharing knowledge and experience with all of you. I learned much from you, and I hope you feel that you learned everything you wanted and needed to know about childbirth. Feel free to email me with questions in the future!

The most crucial thing is that you maintain focus on the humanity of the people you work with. You have all chosen to work within a system that daily dehumanizes people in their time of greatest need. It will be up to us to fix this. Therefore, please prepare yourselves not only with knowledge and skills, but spiritual and mental fortitude to create the change that needs to be made. It can be done, and it must.

I hope our paths do cross in the future!
Happy Holidays, and Peace to your Families

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