Wednesday, June 1, 2011

my body

suốt cả đời tôi với âm hộ chưa từng nhìn mặt nhau. hôm nay tôi cố vạch để nhìn rõ bộ mặt nó, nhăn nheo và méo mó. nó làm tôi muốn khóc. hình như nó cũng muốn khóc theo tôi.


on hot summer days, my body gives
a smell, pungent and sweet and
earthy, like fresh composting tomatoes.
i've learned to like the smell
and love my body for it.


i like my body best laying down.
it's beautiful and agreeable
all around. i am spread
across the greatest surface area,
and i am happy with myself.

when i stand, my body slouches, it spins the room
breathless, directions are directionless as it drags me
from one task to another
guided by muscle memory.
i am not there. i have no will.
i do as my body does,

so when i feel rebellious,
i lay my body down
and sleep myself
to death.


sao bạn lại run như thế kia?