Monday, June 15, 2009

I love thinness, Adrienne

(inspired by Adrienne Rich)

I love thinness, Adrienne –
it’s a waiting, the lack space between my amble breasts.
I miss it, uttered,
And I can’t breathe anymore,
that feeling of desire,
of clothes drying in mid autumn sun.

Thinness is wanting everything, especially both.
It’s like now, I’m wanting you and him
Too thin to walk against the winds,
So you float.

Easily inspired, all you need is a woman,
Fashionably wrinkled at 70, knitting
rainbow colored yarn and you’ll want to run home
with sewing needles
poke yourself until you’ve bled off
one hundred pounds.

But, I’ve gone and made it seem theatrical. It’s less
performative than that. Listen for it
On the telephone, after movie hours. It will call you
And in a moment,
You will have said all that needs to be said.
You can’t stretch it thinner than that anyway.

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