Wednesday, January 13, 2010

uic nursing school

my base of operation for the next few years. oh, and today in the skills lab, i killed my 76 year-old patient and contaminated half the hospital staff because i raised the bed rail without having changed out of my gloves (the ones i wore to clean the patient's rear end after a runny number two). oops.


  1. because i'm awesome like that. :) j/k. thì xin vô đó anh, phải năng nỉ khóc lóc khô hết nước miếng họ mới nhận đó. :) it's an accelerated MSN program designed for people who are switching professions (already has a bachelor's). i would like to do the phd, but let's try to make some real money first. :)

  2. actually nurse is a challenge job.