Thursday, January 14, 2010

We are all in very good condition: selling my books for Haiti earthquake relief

To contribute to the Haiti earthquake relief effort, I am selling the books listed below. All proceeds will be donated to the Red Cross for this purpose. I will pay for the shipping cost out of pocket so all payments made by you will be donated. Asking price for each book is $5. All are very good books (certain to be a very impressive addition to your learned library); all in very good condition. Some are paperbacks, some hard covers, all printed on quality paper with font sizes friendly to the eyes. Definitely worth the investment. Please scroll down to browse the titles and take one home, help save a life! (International address is ok too!). Thank you, and may you win the lottery jackpot!

These are the books for sale:

Jorge Luis Borges: selected nonfictions, ed. Eliot Weinberger.
(Not available; anh GM done gone and bought it)

Empire, by Gore Vidal

Residence on earth (poems), Pablo Neruda

The Island of the Day Before, Umberto Eco
(Not available; anh GM done gone and bought it)

The Thousand Runaways, Takeshi Kaiko
(Not available)

The Dust Roads of Monferrato, Rosetta Loy

This Boy's Life, Tobias Wolff
(Not available; anh GM done gone and bought it)

the mambo kings play songs of love, Oscar Hijuelos

Naked Lunch, william s. burroughs
(Not available; anh GM done gone and bought it)

Charlie Chan is Dead, an anthology of contemporary Asian American fiction, ed Jessica Hagedorn
Of Grammatology, Jacques Derrida

Orientalism, Edward Said
(Not available)

Woman: intimate geography, Natalie Angier
(Not available)

Open Letters, Vaclav Havel

The grain of the voice, Roland Barthes

Falling Man, Don DeLillo

Woman Running in the Mountains, Yuko Tsushima

Either/Or (volume 1), Soren Kierkegaard (this one is a little old...)


  1. I like Borges, Eco, Wolff & Burroughs'. But what's the payment arrangement? How can I get the money to you? And, international postage may be too expensive?

    I also like quality paper and font size friendly to the eyes:)

    Sorry if you are expecting responses from someone other than this old man:))

  2. my heart of hearts, I was thinking that you're probably going to be one of my customers (didn't think you would be the only one though! :)). The books will look very good on those bookshelves. Will get those titles out to you this weekend. As for payment method--since you're there, and I'm here, can you arrange to donate directly to the Red Cross?

    Very nice doing business with you. Come again soon! :)

  3. Hang on, let me figure out how to donate to Red Cross first, then I'll let you know when things are done. And I will donate an extra $10, to "share" the postage with you. Until then, please keep those books for me.

  4. doesn't have to be the Red Cross. if another organization would be more convenient, please donate there. i'll take care of the books for you til then. thank you, lovely and generous old man. :)

  5. Mr. GM is too quick! >"<
    I like Roland Barthes, so how can I pay you?

  6. Hi meobeobung,

    Please email your address to

    As for payment, you can make a direct donation to the Red Cross (or another reliable organization) and email me the confirmation. :) Thank you! I also have Barthes' Mythologies which I'll also include as a bonus. :)

  7. Meobeobung - Ban co the mua sach cua Paul Auster o SG, nha sach Fahasa o Lotte Mart - Quan 7.